Football Recovery Strategies by Sports Physiotherapist Dr Firoz Shaikh – Deccan Herald

Dr Firoz Shaikh is a renowned Indian sports physiotherapist and sports scientist, currently working in the top division of Indian football for the last 5 years and also as the Odisha Football Club’s Head Physiotherapist.Sports injuries are common in football, Dr Firoz shared some of the Football Recovery Strategies for football players.
The Football Recovery Strategies includes some simple yet on time methods like hydration, diet, sleep, cold water. The immersion and compression garments are effective to accelerate the recovery process. An example of a practical recovery protocol based on scientific evidence, the recovery the protocol includes six steps and should start immediately after the match: 
1. The first step is hydration; the mass of the players should be measured and compared to the pre-match body mass to propose the appropriate quantity of fluid todrink (150% of body the mass lost). The fluid should contain a combination of water and a large amount of sodium (500 to 700 mg/L of water). 
2. The second step consists of drinking a tart cherry juice and chocolate milk to restore glycogen, to reduce oxidative stress and inflammation, to stimulate muscle repair and promote quality and quantity of sleep. 
3. The third step is the cold bath. The players should immerse themselves up to the neck at a temperature between 12 and 15°C for 10 to 20 minutes to accelerate the recovery process. 
4. The fourth step is to wear a compression garment until bedtime. 
5. The fifth step is to eat a meal high in carbohydrate with a high-glycemic index and protein within 1 hour of the end of the match (for example soup, well-cooked white pasta or mashed potatoes, chicken or fish, yoghurts or cake). 
6. The final step is to have a good night’s sleep. 
Dr Firoz says, that the Scientific evidence for the other strategies reviewed, such as active recovery, stretching, massage and electrical stimulation is still lacking in the ability to accelerate the return to the initial level of performance. This does not mean that these strategies do not help recovery, but that the protocols implemented up until now were unable to accelerate the recovery of physical performance. In the survey on recovery administered to the professional Football teams,revealed that recovery strategies are combined in recovery protocols.
Earlier Dr Firoz was a member of the Puneri Paltan Team in Season 5 of the Pro Kabaddi Competition, an Indian professional Kabaddi league. Dr. Firoz Shaikh has also worked in the Indian premier league as Sports Physiotherapist. He’s also worked with the Maharashtra Olympic Association, the Maharashtra Cycling Association, and the Maharashtra Cricket Association, etc.
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